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I am an illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of nineteen I moved to California where I studied at the Laguna College of Art & Design. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in 2D Animation. After graduation I worked as an illustrator/storyboard artist in Los Angeles before moving back to Germany. Parallel to working as an illustrator I have ventured off into various fields of the arts from film production design to theatre to the art market.


I work both analog and digital, depending on which style the project requires. Illustration and storyboards I usually draw straight on my WACOM.

For my analog illustration work I start in pencil or ink. When the drawing is finished I scan it, tweak the image in Photoshop and apply colour.


My style is very line heavy. I love clean designs and playing with contrast and light. Most of my work is black and white with a dash of colour. I work both analog and digital.

In addition to illustration I offer storyboarding workshop for service design and product discovery in conjunction with eparo Academy since 2014.